Gloria Reese, LMFT
 Contact: (925) 827-4569

California Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist

License # 30641

If you have never had personal therapy, you might be feeling a bit intimidated or unsure, but therapy with a respectful and caring counselor can be an empowering and liberating experience.

In 37 years of counseling experience, I have helped many individuals work through difficult life experiences, including grief and depression, improve the quality of their relationships, and recover from addictive behaviors.
For more information call:  (925) 827-4569
Family Counseling Services
Gloria Reese, LMFT ® 395 Taylor Blvd, Suite 115, Pleasant Hill, CA  94523
I provide a safe and comfortable interactive experience where we explore your current concerns and work on the issues that are most relevant to you.
*   Develop great communication skills, and enhance your relationships
*   Overcome depressive and distorted thougt patterns
*   Reframe destructive thoughts and cultivate insight and understanding 
*   Recover from addictive behavior 
*   Build on your personal strengths and empower you to live more authentically 
*   Reduce anxiety
*   Improve your self esteem 
*   Process grief and loss 
*   Become aware of the origin of your pain and provide tools to work through it 
*   Improve your parenting skills 
*   Unleash your creativity 
*   And much more… 
Counseling can help you: